Friday, January 29, 2010

O lucky day

Just got home and found a message from one of the lawyers handling the rights claims. The deadline has been extended two months.

Thank you, universe. I promise to start paying attention. I will fill in those forms today and read all business mail assiduously from now on. Because I am a grown-up and can understand big words.

Perhaps my diamond stud is lying on the floor somewhere, or stuck in my beret. I'm going to keep my eyes peeled. But a silly earring doesn't matter, O vanity thy name is woman. It does matter to be recompensed for this work I love so much, that recompenses so poorly.

The neighbour who called the tow truck is still a jerk.


  1. That is great luck Beth!

    Maybe writers have this trait in common.

    My son Mike, who is a communications person for UNBC, recently had to cash in some RRSP's. Apparently he had been sent slips for his tax return but thought they looked too annoying to read and threw them out! Now he has an unexpectedly gigantic tax bill.

    Hopefully this blow to the wallet will be enough make him sit up and take note when the mail includes strange, incomprehensible financial information.

    That's my comment for this month. Over and out. We're still out here reading with interest. Thanks for writing the blog.

    By the way, I am happy to see the current polls showing how much the government has dropped in popularity due to the Prorogue.

    I was even more delighted to watch Obama's question and answer period with the Republicans yesterday. It was astounding to watch someone with a great brain being able to use it so deftly in this type of situation. One hundred forty to one. Wow!


  2. Yes, we writers like to read but only juicy stuff - impenetrable financial jargon, not so much. To our detriment, it turns out.

    Let's hope those low polls stay that way!

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