Wednesday, March 17, 2010

reading the paper

Several delightful items in the newspaper to share with you. Loved the brief article in the "Star" yesterday, which told us that "Oscar winner Marion Cotillard gasped in pain after France's culture minister accidentally stuck a pin in her chest as he decorated her ... Francois Mitterrand, who praised Cotillard's 'charm, natural grace and beauty,' inadvertently skewered the actress as he pinned the medallion onto her blouse. In the same ceremony, he also decorated U.S. director Tim Burton."

Given that President Francois Mitterrand died in 1996, that was some skewering. Tim Burton of all people, however, would relish being decorated by a ghost.

Loved the headline, "Celibacy, sexual abuse not linked, Vatican says." Yo, Mr. Pope, sir - you just keep that head firmly in the sand, where it belongs.

Did not love the headline, "Canadians' values shifting to the right, poll suggests." Horrifying. Say it ain't so, Canada. If you want to read what shifting to the right really means, where our reputation is in the world today - sad as it is - check out this distressing piece.

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