Friday, February 10, 2012

Ellen Roseman to the rescue!

How it pays to have friends in high places ... As some of you know, I moved from the Dark Ages only a few months ago, when I bought my first cellphone. I still don't really know how it works and use it only for a few texts to my kids or for emergencies. When I checked my last bill, I went into shock - I'd been charged $50 for long-distance calls. I called Rogers - two calls to the same number in Pakistan, one 31 minutes long, from my phone.
But I don't know a single person in Pakistan! I said. And even if I did, I never use this phone and have a landline for long distance.
He told me they would not reverse the charges, because there were two calls to the same number. I protested in vain. $50 down the drain! No one I told of the story had ever heard of this happening. Nothing to be done.

Except - cue Wonder Woman music - email my friend Ellen Roseman, champion of the consumer and the little guy. This amazing advocate writes for the "Star" and elsewhere, has two consumer protection websites, gives talks and teaches about wise saving and spending ... and in her spare time, makes individual calls on behalf of distressed consumers. She left a message about the dilemma with someone very high up at Rogers.

Today, I got a call from a nice young man. They will reverse the charges. If it happens again, I'm to contact him immediately. I certainly will. Thank you so much, Ellen - I'm grateful for the return of the money, but even more importantly, for hours of frustration and fury avoided.

Dinner, soon, my place. Indian food.


  1. Thanks, Beth, I'm so glad I could help you wipe out those mystery charges that showed up on your Rogers bill.

    Wish it were easier for customers to get through to these giants witthout help from the media.

    Hope your bills are correct from now on.

  2. Thanks again, Ellen. It's wonderful to have a champion out there. I see you in a cape ...