Saturday, July 14, 2012

Special guest at tomorrow's workshop

I have one word for you today: PEACHES! They're in at the market, a tiny bit hard today but by tomorrow will be sublime.  It must be summer. Yes, I can tell it's summer because my neighbour the home improver is as always using his buzz saw. Sometimes, I confess, I wish to do a James Bond to him and attach him to it. But that's not the right thinking on a heavenly summer day when peaches await.

I just ran into a former student at the market, haven't seen her for a few years. "You're enjoying your grandson so much," she said, "and he's so cute!" That's the joy of a blog - no catching up to do. "I'm not writing," she said, "too lazy."
"Take the writing in the garden workshop tomorrow," I said. "That'll get you going again."

She said she'd think about it. There are two spots left for tomorrow's workshop. Don't think about it. Just come and start writing again. A wonderful and famous writer will join us for lunch and impart wisdom. Better than a peach.

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