Monday, December 24, 2012

a new Christmas Eve tradition

My Christmas present from my son - today he shopped for and cooked a Christmas Eve meal. Menu: roasted cauliflower with bacon, baked beets, sweet potatoes with brown sugar, tomatoes on the vine poached in garlic oil, and striped sea bass, stuffed with rosemary, lemon and butter, in a sauce of sweet apple cider and caramelized onions.
Oh my. 

Step one - the gutting and the stuffing.
 Step two - the cooking.
 Step three - the appreciating.
Sam was passing as the Christmas tree man packed up - so he snagged a Charlie Brown tree for $10. I don't have a base so stuck it in a watering can and propped it against a wall and found some lights. Voila! It's beginning to look - and feel in my stomach - a lot like Christmas.

Joy to the world. And to all of you.

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