Monday, December 16, 2013


My job here is done. In past years, I would have rushed around this morning, squeezing in a last museum or family visit or, yes, a bit of shopping - but not today. I am back here packing, will make my way slowly, by bus and subway, to Penn Station, and off to Newark and home. Grateful for everything life and art have to offer. And for the sunshine on this not so cold day, even if not much get in to my cousin's apartment.

Went back to the French bakery this morning, after Sotheby's, for a pain au chocolat and another baguette. Superb. If I can't have Mark Rylance, at least I can have bread.

Au revoir.


  1. Wow. Leaving your father at Sotheby's. That's huge. Like setting him free on the world. Glad you left your book about your great grandfather but what about the book about your dad?

  2. That one is to come, Penny. But it will come. And that's a promise. Yes, it was a big moment - both sad and freeing.