Saturday, May 28, 2016

Bernie maybe and Storycorps

Beautiful beautiful weather - though not really, because it's May and it feels like July. So what July will be like ... Fort McMurray, anyone? Though of course July may be snow, too, who knows these days? Speaking of global warming, I watched Bernie Sanders on Bill Maher last night, and you know, I may make the shift from Hillary, not that I can vote or anything - but he's amazing, full of energy and speaking such incredible sense. I know, he's a bit one note and it's very hard to imagine him as a president, so it's frightening. I'm still with Hillary. But - imagine if it's Bernie versus the giant orange blowhole - what a matchup!

The So True reading event tomorrow - exciting as always. We had a rehearsal last week, a chance for the eight readers, especially those who haven't done this before, to stand up and read their most private stories aloud, get a final edit on the writing and tips on the performance. It gives me such joy to hear their efforts come to fruition - even more so tomorrow, when they'll go public. Thrilling work. And this time, I'm not going to tell a story, I'm going to read one too, an excerpt from the memoir. Nerve-wracking. I'd much rather not put myself on the line, preferring to watch my students go through that torment. But it's important that I do.

Happy beautiful too-hot May 28th to you all.
P.S. My students Michelle and Christie sent me a link to something I'd never heard of, and should have, called Storycorps. Fascinating - kind of like what we do, collecting stories, except that these are oral stories and not sculpted in any way. We sculpt.

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