Thursday, November 10, 2016

Soma chocolate saves the day

Day Two and the world has not exploded yet. I am doing my best to avoid news outlets - TV, newspapers, anywhere I have to see a picture of the giant orange blowhole who will soon, through some grotesque, incomprehensible error, be POTUS. But avoidance can't last; the media fascination with El Trumpo continues, and I'm sure it won't stop anytime soon. Actually watched a bit of CBC news last night - during the commercials for "Call the Midwife," so good! - and then Peter Mansbridge announced that Ann Coulter was going to be on. Could not switch channels fast enough, to avoid Ann Coulter. A truly nasty woman in every sense of the word, and now she's a pundit on CBC? Heaven help us.

Sigh. I'm still feeling sick and battered, as if I've been kicked in the gut. Just like everyone I know. Do I know one Trump supporter? Not a single one, I think. Proud of that. (Maybe my New York cousin's husband who inherited many millions. But perhaps not even him.)

So - feel good strategy #643: I went to Soma Chocolate in the Distillery and bought $40 worth of good dark chocolate with nuts and ginger. That should keep me going for a week. Tonight I have a date with a handsome young man. Yes, he happens to be closely related to me, which is good because he'll have no choice but to look at my bright red eye. And he won't mind, because I'm taking him to dinner and the theatre for his birthday. "Cuisine and Confessions" - sounds like fun, just up his alley, people leaping about and cooking.

What is marvellous about this political debacle is the outpouring of creativity - the essays, articles, letters, the little films online, and of course, the comedians who have the next 4 years full of rich, rich material.

Yesterday my daughter sent, to comfort me, an audio clip on my phone - how does she do that? - of Eli singing "Bye baby bunting", which is my favourite lullaby, and then saying "I love you, Grandma." Thank you, universe. That's all I need to get by.

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