Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pere Lachaise

A gorgeous day, a long walk after a slow morning, off to Pere Lachaise Cemetery - because it's in the 'hood. Of course, once you get there, it's extremely confusing to find famous people, you have to search even for the place that gives out the guides, which in any case really aren't helpful. So French - the place full of people wandering about, completely frustrated! I decided to give up on finding the graves of the many famous people buried here and just wander in the hot sun. It's an oasis of gloomy tranquillity in the metropolis. As in the parks, you can hear the birds.
An ominous raven loomed up on one grave and hopped on the cross. Nevermore.
 I wondered if he regretted that outfit.
 Very dramatic, snake, cross, mossy rocks.
 Some American girls, including one named Sidonie, after Colette, led me here - I couldn't find her. So happy to find one of my writer heroes. I placed a stone on her marble resting place. Someone has left a book of poems dedicated to her.
 Had to find Jim Morrison, tucked in behind many others and behind a barrier, because of the crowds of kids. When I was in Paris with MY kids in about 1993, this was the only thing they wanted to see.
And this is a store that sells construction materials - so beautiful!

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