Tuesday, January 30, 2018

off to la Grande Pomme

Big snowstorm last night, but - hooray! - it's over this morning. Lots of pretty snow on the ground, but I gather the flights are moving. So far. I am at the island airport way too early. The bird feeder is full, the plants are watered, the fridge is empty, my son will hold the fort at the house. And I'm off to adventure in the Big Apple. I am not sick. I'm not 100%, but I'm not sick. Many thanks to friends and family for love and support. I am a lucky woman.

Why do I get so anxious? It's crazy, I've done this talk many times before. But there's anxiety, knot in the stomach, fluttering heart. I will do my best to breathe.

My nails are shiny. I had a manicure on Sunday, a rare occurrence because if your fingernails are being filed, you can't read. But now these lovely shiny nails, for Noo Yawk. They should last a day or two.

Hmmm - Boston airport is closed down due to snow and ice, no flights are taking off. Does that mean New York too?