Saturday, March 10, 2018

Zoomer expert c'est moi

Dazed. It's noon on Saturday; I'm supposed to be at the island airport to get a 12.30 flight to Ottawa, to take my aunt shopping and to dinner with her friend Una tonight, spend Sunday morning and lunch with her and depart tomorrow afternoon. I was just shutting down my computer to leave for the airport when I got an email from Porter - my flight had been cancelled and I was rebooked on one at 6 p.m.

Infuriating! I wouldn't get to my aunt - who, as you know, will be 98 next month - until 8 p.m., by which time she's usually nodding off on her bed as she watches TV. Pointless to make the trip, which incidentally costs over $300 plus car rental and my night at the Airbnb. I had to call Do and Una while I was on hold for half an hour with Porter; apparently the delay has to do with poor weather down east yesterday causing flights to be backed up.

Still infuriating. I had to cancel. Not sure when I can get there as I leave for Vancouver March 22. I am packed with gifts; I'd had a huge meal to eat the last of the food in my fridge which now is empty - as is the whole day. My aunt is hugely disappointed and so am I.


Okay, nothing to be done. I am sorry, my beloved aunt. But at least it was not an urgent trip to see her in hospital, as it was so often with my mother; I just wanted to see her. So now, to look on the time as a gift and use it well. I'd better get some groceries. Some wine. Do some work. God knows, there are a million things to be done. Started income tax last night.

On the bright side, I was checking True to Life on Amazon because of the Zoomer plug, below, when I found a few nice new reviews by unknown readers, including this one. "Fun to read - very tasty tips" - mmm, I can dine out on that.

a fun read and extremely useful for creative non-fiction writing
Playfully written, this book is fun to read with bite-sized chapters full of very tasty tips that really do help with non-fiction writing.

The very short article I wrote for Zoomer, in conjunction with our creative non-fiction conference, is getting lots of airplay - they've not only posted it on the Zoomer website, they've highlighted it in the email they send out to their subscribers. How I love being "an expert" - there's a first for everything! Ha.
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