Wednesday, January 6, 2021

watching CNN in disbelief

Holy @#$@#! Are we surprised? I just watched CNN for a bit; one reporter said he spoke to a close confidant of Trump's who confided that the current president is unhinged. Insane, batshit crazy. Of course he has been for years, but now it's evident to everyone except his merry band of violent fellow lunatics. The kings and queens of white grievance.

When you think of the howls about the violence around Black Lives Matter! But now it's stupid, vengeful, heavily armed white people. "Domestic terrorists," they said on CNN, at last. Appalling. A lunatic for two more weeks in the most powerful position on earth. Terrifying. 

I think of my former high school friend the Trump supporter, wonder how he's justifying this. Last time he wrote to me, instead of defending Trump, he continued to attack Hunter Biden. I've written him off forever. No time for that kind of delusional idiocy. 

Ye gods. My poor ex who lives down there - come home, Edgar! Get out of there while you can! My poor cousins in Looneyland. Though let's not forget that a miracle happened today and the Senate is now blue. Hooray for Stacey Abrams! Someone wrote on FB that she might be the most important woman ever in the history of the U.S. Quite possibly. 

Up here in Relative Tranquil-land - life goes on. A student wrote proudly today that an essay of hers is going to be anthologized in a book coming out soon. She was one of the most interesting students ever; as the result of a serious illness, she was suffering from profound amnesia. That was a first - trying to help a person with amnesia write memoir. She was a good writer and obviously continued to get better, because now she's in a book! Good news. Let's hang onto whatever we can today. 

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