Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Canadian wildlife

My day is on hold: a baby skunk has fallen into the steep window well at the front of the house, so I'm waiting for animal services to call and then come. Isn't life always interesting?

This happened many years ago, an adult skunk was trapped down there and had to be rescued, so I had a plexiglass cover made for the well. Somehow this baby got through...

MON DIEU! A very nice man just arrived and got the skunk out. I called the city at 9 and he was here at 10.30! He warned me the little guy would spray, and he did. Now the house has a lovely overpowering scent of rotten marijuana. I hope he finds his family, who must have a den somewhere around here. Maybe it's the skunks who've been climbing into the compost bin and wreaking havoc, not the raccoons. Or could be both. 

Canadian wilderness, never far away. I'm reminded of a camping trip in Killarney Park with the kids, when the morning after two days of thunderstorms we found a baby bear under our picnic table. Waiting for mama to arrive, plus our general miserable wetness, convinced us to pack up and go home. I know - sissies!

Still not great. Was tested for C-difficile yesterday, waiting to hear. But it's another glorious day and so - onward. The garden has started to produce. There's been lots of lettuce and spinach so far, and about six raspberries, but this morning - two peas! Great excitement. 

Hey, these days, I take what I can get.

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