Friday, October 8, 2021

West Coast pix

Sitting on the seawall, watching the rain over UBC. (Click to enlarge.) 
O Canada. It's October.
Where Edgar and I lived when Anna was born - Grace Court in the West End, on the third floor on the right. 40 years ago; an incredibly happy time. I visit it every time I come to Vancouver. 
The ferry to Granville Island
Another ghastly Vancouver scene
My mother's name was Sylvia - and today, October 8, is her birthday. She would have been 98. 
The view from the Sylvia restaurant
People are building inukshuks - stones piles on stones - everywhere. 
Sigh. What we miss in cities: a vista.
The South airport
Ryan the pilot
Landing in Sylva Bay. The most beautiful day for a flight. 

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