Sunday, December 12, 2021

PS The Jewish Shakespeare on Jeopardy!

Forgot to mention some excitement from last week: Pam, a friend and blog reader, wrote to let me know that the Yiddish theatre was a subject on Jeopardy last week, and she knew some of the answers because she'd read my Jewish Shakespeare book. 

From an Israeli newspaper: But it was Ed Hashima, a professor of history at American River College in Sacramento, California, who dominated. He correctly responded to four of the five clues, racking up points as he identified one play as the Yiddish “King Lear,” named the Jewish holiday of Purim as being tied to Yiddish theater’s origins and answered that Marlon Brando’s acting teacher was Stella Adler, who grew up in a family of Yiddish theater royalty.

The old man and his Yiddish King Lear on Jeopardy! 

Sam is over and we tried putting my outside Xmas lights on the cedar tree outside, with perhaps limited success - but we tried. Well, he did. Merry Everything. 

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