Sunday, February 27, 2022

marching for Ukraine

Proud of this city, this country, and so grateful we live here and not in a place where my family is rushing to escape, or sending young men to fight, a vicious psychopathic invader. So when Anna learned there'd be a gathering in support of Ukraine downtown at 2, we decided to meet there. In an hour, she got both her kids to write signs and attached them to a pole and got on the streetcar. I just had a 20 minute walk.

It was incredible; the crowd was vast, thousands, with more pouring in, yellow and blue flags everywhere, wonderful signs, chanting in Ukrainian. We eventually marched to Nathan Phillips Square and then - it was snowing and very cold and very very crowded. We felt we'd done our bit and got the subway north, they to head west and me east. 

Have you seen the video of Zelensky on the Ukrainian version of Dancing with the Stars? He also has a law degree. What a spectacular man. At last, an inspiring hero, just when our planet is most in need of one. 

Something good has come of this hideous war: the western world, with the exception of Donald Trump and Fox "News", is united against Putin. Perhaps he thought this invasion would simply slip our notice, as so much else has. Perhaps he should think again. 


  1. Events in Ukraine continue to horrify. I was at the solidarity gathering in Zurich on Monday night. The crowd was estimated at 10,000+. I have friends in BC with Ukrainian ancestry. Their anguish breaks my heart. I saw "Parallel Mothers" on the weekend, thanks to your recommendation. In return I can recommend "Mothering Sunday". Looking forward to your book of essays.

    1. Alan, across the miles, the same films! I will look for that one
      - not here yet. The only heartening thing about this horror is the unity of the world community in condemning this barbarous event.