Tuesday, August 17, 2010

O Rogers, Rogers, where art thou?

After a month of internet frustration - my service spotty, going in and out, various frantic calls to Rogers resulting in me in the basement, in front of the spider-infested electric panel, trying to figure out where the ends of various cords went - finally, yesterday, an actual man arrived. He decided the problem was that raccoons had gnawed on some wires; he replaced the wires, and the internet worked perfectly. Yesterday.

This morning, completely dead. Another 15 minutes poking past the spiders with the Rogers lady on the phone, and now they have arranged for a repair person for Wednesday evening. Two and a half days without the internet! I may go mad.

No. My friend Chris just bought a brand new fridge which instantly ceased to function twice; right now, he keeps his perishable food in ice-cubes in the sink. "It's like camping!" he says cheerfully. "It's frustrating, but I keep things in perspective by thinking about Pakistan." Absolutely. Besides, here I am at my neighbours Jean-Marc and Richard's, in their basement office, where I will come with my computer twice a day until I have my own service again.

But if you're emailing me and expect a quick response, don't.

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