Monday, August 30, 2010

Ryerson advanced class cancelled

Important if sad news: MY ADVANCED CLASS AT RYERSON HAS JUST BEEN CANCELLED. It's more than two weeks before class, but no one had registered yet. I apologize to those of you who told me you wanted to come back. The lesson is: you have to register early, my bosses at Ryerson can't wait till even the week before. They need to be sure a course is going to run because space is at a premium.

The advanced course "True to Life 2" will be offered at Ryerson again in January. A course for those who've taken my class twice is offered at U of T; "Life Stories, Advanced" starts the first week of October.

True to Life 1 at Ryerson on Monday nights is definitely a go, as registration is already healthy. In fact, it sometimes happens that that one has the reverse problem - it becomes over-full and students are turned away. So if you're keen, register now.

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