Tuesday, September 28, 2010

a juicy reward

Another urgent petition against the special concessions demanded by Fox News North: please sign!


An exciting day: when I checked my sad little bank balance on line, what a nice surprise; the government of Canada has deposited $185.82 in there, as a reward simply for staying alive. I've spent it already, but no matter - there'll be another juicy $185.82 next month. Ah, the advantages of old age.

And another happy number: on the website for Jon Stewart's October rally in Washington, it says that so far, 167,981 people have confirmed that they'll attend. Oh how I wish I could join them. Last night, nasty Bill O'Reilly came on Jon's show to promote his new so-called book. I've seen him strutting onto the program before, like the arrogant blowhard that he is - but last night, the balance of power had shifted. Jon, completely relaxed and chuckling, just let the man be his horrible self. Jon Stewart has status now, huge status. Imagine.

And it looks like Smitherman just might snatch us from the jaws of Ford. At least there's hope.

Last night, after class, I watched the last half of "Away from her," Sarah Polley's directorial debut. How sorry I am that I hadn't seen this stunning movie before. How wonderful to watch Julie Christie again, with an aging and beautifully real face.

My arm still itches. But on the deck, there's a gardenia blooming that's just about the loveliest thing on earth.


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