Saturday, January 8, 2011

niceness re: "Yours truly, a book of the blog."

I'm happy to say that I've been getting wonderful feedback for "Yours truly, a book of the blog." The first just came in from a friend of my mother's and mine, the second forwarded by my New York cousin Ted, a note from his yoga teacher.

"Yours Truly" was a joy for me to read. I know nothing about art or the parts of Europe you were describing. But I do know about good friends, children, mothers and brothers, good wine, heavenly bread and exotic cheeses.

Your excitement and passion for making a difference in this world by writing is so darn admirable.

Hi Ted:
Just want to repeat how grateful I am for the copy of your cousin Beth's book "Yours Truly" that I'm halfway through now. I'm leisurely enjoying it as she has such an intimate and personable and cozy voice that I feel like it's a pleasant visit every time I read her.

More especially, her book is reawakening my love affair with my first Canadian home, Toronto. And it is reviving my lifelong love of writing, which gets shoved to the wayside by the noisy traffic of theater, and of Yoga, my current form of theater. I especially enjoy the references to Toronto locales - Kensington Market, U. of T. campus - and to New York locations - the 92nd Y! - and New York cousins too!


And while we're in boasting mode, this is an article in today's "Toronto Star" about the new Arena Stage in Washington, D.C., and the multi-talented man who pulled the renovation together and is running the theatre: Edgar Dobie, the father of two gorgeous, multi-talented children who are also genetically connected to me.

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