Monday, August 18, 2014

consumer's report

Now, before the Ryerson term begins, I have a few weeks to work and get my house in order, metaphorically and actually. But today, after some work this morning, I had an exciting errand. My friend Bruce the wizard sent me an email - he'd noted that my brand new luxurious TV was now on sale at another store in Toronto, and that Future Shop, where I bought mine, guaranteed they would not only match a cheaper price within 30 days, they would reduce it by 10%. I did some research and printed out the proof - there it was, my very TV for which I'd paid $830, now for sale at Leon's for $640.

On the way downtown, I stopped at Doubletake, where I found a blue 100% cashmere Talbots sweater for $8 and an adorable $2 Gund Pooh bear to give to some lucky child, and then cycled on. At Future Shop, I presented my information to the young woman, certain she'd poke a hole in my claim, imagining this scene in France, where the concept of this kind of customer service would be met with derision and disbelief. After looking online and checking with her supervisor, she smiled at me. "You're getting $237 back," she said.

Incredible. My brand new 51 inch Sanyo plasma TV cost $630, which, with the $500 my aunt gave me for my birthday, means I paid almost nothing for this giant extravagance. Amazing. A big thanks to Brucie and to dear Auntie Do.

I had to buy groceries so stopped at the huge Loblaws at Maple Leaf Gardens, and while there, just had to go up to check Joe Fresh. A skirt, yes, a brand new pencil skirt with exotic zebra stripes in a lovely stretchy material that will work perfectly on the bike for $39. Some groceries and another divine purchase, a garlic press with the sharp little tongs to clean it built right in. On the way home, I stopped at José the shoemender to pick up a leather bag he was mending, and noticed - José sells all kinds of interesting things, I bought my 50's mink coat there for $70 - a pair of high leather Ecco boots. Reader, they were $45 and I bought them.

So here's my day's haul -
Soon I will be wearing my fall outfit, a cashmere sweater, glam skirt and boots - both the sweater and boots a bit big, but who cares? - for a total of $92. Oh little things bring joy - and much of the refund money is still in my wallet. Then while listening to a decades-old CBC podcast of Peter Gzowski interviewing Alice Munro, which was breathtaking - like sitting at the kitchen table with them while they chatted - I made a recipe from today's NYT for "Lemon and garlic chicken with spiced spinach", squeezing the hell out of fresh Ontario garlic. And ate and drank and toasted life.

For a dose of reality, here's Gerry Caplan's wise and heartbreaking piece from the Globe online:
No matter what leaders do, there won’t be peace in the Middle East Add to ...
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