Thursday, August 21, 2014

thank you Rita Davies

The oddest summer ever - damp, grey, cool. I like it - much better than the boiling mugginess we sometimes get, and the garden is greener than green. But I don't envy people organizing day camp programs for kids, or those performing outside in the parks. Poor sodden souls. Apparently, I hear from my far-flung friends, it's the same in Provence and Ecuador, but hot and dry in Nova Scotia, where it is usually damp and wet. Go figure.

Tonight for those who are interested I will be at Ryerson's student information night, manning the creative writing table from 6 to 7. Come say hello.

Received this note yesterday from the indefatigable Rita Davies, called by the Star "the visionary queen of culture in Toronto for more than a decade" as Executive Director of various arts councils. She is reading "True to Life: Fifty steps to help you tell your story."

You’ve done an amazing job of creating a reference work for aspiring writers.  The information is so clear and, together with your encouragement, it is highly motivating.

I was going to start on the first exercise today, but the book fair has claimed my day. As I said, that’s going to continue through to November. I look forward to taking your course in January.

She is organizing a huge new book fair that launches in November. Exciting! If you're nearby, don't miss it.

Toronto International Book FairToronto Book Fair

Here's a marvellous article in the New Yorker by memoirist Dani Shapiro that I'll be handing out to my students - this means you, Rita, in January.

In the middle of my writing day, I sometimes take a Facebook break. I know I shouldn’t do this. I counsel my writing students not to do this. But writing is a solitary business, and—well, let’s face it, Facebook is tempting. It’s right there. A lonely writer can be...

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Gardenia, jasmine, mint wafting in on the cool morning breeze. The world outside is a blank pale grey, and I'm in my warm housecoat. August,where are you?

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