Friday, January 16, 2015

Baby it's cold outside

A quiet day. Some bug is trying to get into my system - this happens on a regular basis, doesn't it? - and I won't let it. Begone, scoundrel!

Yesterday, what joy: first, a piano lesson and some new pieces to learn, and then my Thursday group's potluck celebration - 8 student friends, some of whom have been coming for years, and I, feasting at my dining room table. We usually celebrate in December, but this year I said December is so crowded, why don't we switch to January when we really NEED fellowship and food? Last night, an outpouring of warmth, words and foodstuffs, a fabulous dinner followed by a series of very moving stories. For some reason - January, I'm looking at you - everyone was writing about dark topics. The one that started us off was specifically about death, from one of our two 87-year olds, elegant, beautiful, still at work and in love, contemplating what is to come.

January, I'm looking at you.

Still no birds at the feeder.

However, to cheer you up - at least if you're in Canada, not sure you can access outside the country - here's Canada's Academy Award nominee from the NFB, a beautiful animated short film about children and parents:

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