Monday, February 16, 2015

Dave Barry on "Fifty Shades of Grey"

My eyes are still damp with tears ... of laughter. As everyone not on planet Mars knows, the movie Fifty Shades of Grey opened this week. This book has sold millions and millions of copies all over the world. It's unreadable - I know, because I tried. And yet women adore it and now it's an extremely successful film. Is this fair? Hell no, but there you go. Trust the wonderful Dave Barry, one of the funniest men in the world, to make sense of it all for us. Read him so you can weep too.

And here are clips from the SNL after party last night. What an incredible gathering. As one of the comments goes, Try not to dwell on the fact that you could have attended this party had you made different life choices. At the end, Macca is jamming "She was just 17" - and there's Dan Ackroyd on harp. Dan and I went to Carleton University together and he had a crush on me. If I'd married him, I would have been at that party too. I will try not to dwell on that fact.


  1. The Dave Barry piece is so funny! Yet man, that movie is making money...(sigh).

  2. Sigh is right. But let's remember how many great artists were not recognized in their lifetimes and how many terrible ones got rich. Just to cheer ourselves up.