Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Hooray for Alberta!

The teaching term is launched, U of T last night, Ryerson tonight, and my home class tomorrow. And again, as always, I celebrate the fact that I love my job. Such interesting new people, and in two months, I'll know them well.

A miracle happened yesterday: Alberta elected a majority NDP government. Alberta, the Texas of Canada where oil reigns supreme, where my left-wing parents lived for years desperately hoping for a ray of light - well, I can see them dancing right now in heaven - or wherever they are, they're dancing. The Tories have ruled there for over 40 years, and now they're buried. And not just by the socialist party, but one led by a young woman. Thrilling. Though we should have known that Alberta was not what it seemed when Calgary, Cowtown, once the most right-wing city in this country, elected as its mayor Naheed Nenshi, a thoughtful, progressive Muslim with a wonderful sense of humour and decency.

This is democracy at its best - the good surprises that an electorate can deliver. Rather than the bad ones, as when hideously stupid governments (Mike Harris, Stephen Harper, George Bush, I'm thinking of you) are elected and then re-elected.

But let's not think about that right now, let's celebrate the wisdom of Albertans. And never did I think I'd be saying those words.

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