Sunday, May 10, 2015

remembering Mama

Here's what motherhood looks like now, to me:
a beautiful pregnant woman buying shoes for her sleeping boy.

Sunday morning - it rained last night, the garden is damp, the birds are noisy, the lilac is on its way, and my heart is full of the blessings of life. I am thinking of my lovely, loving mother, such a powerful force in my life - hard to believe the space she occupied for so long is empty. Here she is only two months before she died in 2012, meeting her great-grandson, doing a crossword.

I miss you, maman.

Here's a moving and important article about Jean Vanier. My new memoir is partially about my time working at l'Arche in 1979, which changed my life. Many thanks to M. Vanier - and to HIS mother, Madame Vanier, a vital force also.

And now, on this blessed tranquil morning, my first bike ride of the year on the Don Valley Trail. It does not get better than this.

Ten minutes later: Yes, it does get better than this. I looked out at my dead ivy ...
and saw life - tiny green shoots. The ivy is alive! Happy Mother's Day.

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