Monday, June 15, 2015

Edward Bruin Green

Do and I were supposed to have brunch with my brother and his wife and son midday Sunday - on top of a rare visit with each other, he and I have papers to sign - but he texted to say he was too hungover to come. 

So I had more time with my aunt, which was very welcome. We ended up opening one of her trunks, full of large sweaters she knitted for herself many decades ago, to find her teddy bear. She told me that when she and my mum, who was three years younger, played house, Sylvia was Mrs. Brown and Do was Mrs. Green. My mother's teddybear was named Donald Leonard Brown, and Do's was Edward Bruin Green.

And here is Mr. Green, along with the explanatory note on the plastic in which he was wrapped. 

Such joy. I persuaded her to leave him out of the trunk and put him on the bookshelf in her bedroom where he can keep her company. She thought that was a good idea.

Before my last hours with Do, I went for a walk once again in the tranquil haven of Britannia Park.

Watched mother duck shepherding her eight ducklings, happy my daughter will soon have only two. 

And then home, to find a box of hardcover books left on my doorstep for the Little Free Library and an invitation from my neighbour Monique for l'aperitif and neighbours Jean-Marc and Richard for dinner. The best 'hood!

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