Friday, June 5, 2015

rain rain

Dark and wet - pouring with rain on a Friday afternoon. Worked in the garden all morning, but had to stop. Now we await the sun for the final touches.
Tonight, a party with old friends, some I've known since university days in the late sixties, and others since arriving in Toronto after theatre school in the early seventies. Some have come in from the States for a wedding - from L.A. and Martha's Vineyard. One - Dee - was the first woman I knew who was a vintage picker with a fabulous eye; she used to go to the warehouses and come back with bags and bags of second-hand treasure. But after a successful career, she doesn't dress that way any more, and neither do the others.

BUT I DO! And proudly so. My success has not been financial, as theirs has been. But I think I am the only one with a young grandchild and another on the way. So I feel very very rich.

Speaking of the new grandchild - he is in the breech position - bum down instead of head - and not moving. They're going to try to get him to budge, but if not, they'll have to do a caesarian, which is not a good idea for a single mother with a squirmy 3-year old. Pray he decides to turn upside down in the next few weeks. Come on, Benjamin, just flip. You can do it.

And see, new babe - the world is full of wonderful things, like the fire hydrant outside the fire station next to the Y. There's a fireman there with a good sense of humour. Come see, Ben.


  1. Your garden looks so beautiful, Beth!

  2. It is certainly an oasis in the middle of the Big Smoke, Theresa. A lifesaver.