Saturday, November 28, 2015

up and at 'em

In the airless Neverland of the departure lounge, at the Italian restaurant near my gate, drinking red wine, natch, and eating a very good grilled veggie salad. I got it all done, folks - one tenant out, the next tenant in, returned four books to the library, ate all the leftovers, closed the suitcase, got out. Had a wonderful chat with a woman at the Parliament Street bus stop about Trudeau and the joy our country is feeling right now. Noticed that in my subway car, there were 3 Caucasians, including myself and a man with his black wife and their baby, and the rest were originally, perhaps recently, perhaps a long time ago, from elsewhere - the Orient, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East. How proud I am of my country.

I think people in this bar are watching the Grey Cup - is that what the football game is that's preoccupying people? I really wouldn't know. It's tied, I can see. As if I cared. Which I don't. No, just asked - it's another cup. The Grey Cup is tomorrow. The bald guy is clapping - I guess it does matter to him.
I have a small suitcase within a big suitcase - can leave all my stuff for the cold in the big one and fly off to Hawaii with the small one. In my backpack is a book and seven New Yorkers, more to read, as usual, than I can possibly deal with, not to mention both of today's newspapers.
I won't see my babies for 2 weeks! Called to say goodbye to Anna. As we talked, she kept interrupting - "Eli! Are you doing a poo? Are you? Tell me!" Oh it's hard work. But she is up for it as no one I know. My son was incommunicado, asleep before his endless shift. And I am wide awake before my adventure. Into the skies. There will be pineapples. Onward.

And in the really good news department:

Saudi blogger Raif Badawi has sentence suspended: Swiss official

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