Tuesday, November 3, 2015

new day

A big day for Canada tomorrow - our new PM Justin Trudeau is sworn in. Friend Richard sent me this picture of another famous swearing-in that Justin attended. How odd it must be, as you try to lead a country, to have cute boyhood pictures of yourself circulating on the web! And did you see the pictures of his family at Hallowe'en? We have a human being as our leader.

The sub-zero timber wolf who used to lead this country has moved back to Calgary, to a soulless subdivision of huge brand new homes. The subdivision is called "Tuscany". Stephen Harper now lives in a subdivision called Tuscany. That's all you need to know.

Oh stop. He has gone and you can forget him. Just look out at this glorious day - it's going to be 18 degrees under a hot sun! - the leaves scarlet and yellow, the sky bright blue - and thank the gods for this new day for my country, my family and friends, my own tiny self.

Time is scrambling by - hard to believe it's November. Where did September go, let alone October? No idea. I have never been so busy; life is very full. Work - not so much. The memoir has been on the backest of back burners for weeks now. Time to move it forward, try to get it into shape before I go away at the end of November and then Xmas madness hits. Okay, so upstairs to work. DO NOT CHECK FACEBOOK FIRST.

Not even a tiny peek.


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