Sunday, July 1, 2018

hope on Canada Day

Meet Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a fabulous young woman.

And then scroll down and watch Jon Stewart. My, I miss him.

More hope: my cousin Barbara and her husband Dan at the march yesterday in Washington against Trump's immigration policies. It's her fifth anti-Trump march, and she said there were more young people there than ever before. Her sign says, "Cruelty is NOT strength."
Another fabulous young woman on the march - my daughter went to a rally today in support of indigenous rights.

So - let's keep our spirits up.

I had a long talk with lots of laughter with a fabulous old woman, my 98-year old aunt Do, still in hospital. How can we get her out? And - my doorbell just rang. It was Megann Willson, who is running to represent this riding in the fall election. She's terrific and on the ball, and I'm throwing an event for her in September so my neighbours can meet her. I told her to check out Alexandria, above. We're on the move. May the forces of kindness and decency, at last, prevail.

Happy Canada Day to you all, Canadian or no. Our country has its flaws, but oh, how incredibly lucky we are to live here.

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