Friday, March 19, 2021

vaccine booking

Gina sent a link this morning to Rexall drugstores which are doing AstraZeneca vaccinations of younger people; the province is still doing only 80 and up and 60-65.  I entered my name immediately; it said I would hear sometime in the future and that this was no guarantee of getting the vaccine.

Ten minutes ago I got an email giving me possible time slots starting next Monday. I chose next Tuesday at 11.10. Filled out the health form and that's it. It's booked at a drugstore about 12 blocks from here. 

I can't believe it! Immediately I began to worry. I'm still recuperating from both appendicitis and antibiotics, stomach still in upheaval and low energy; should I wait? And of course it's the weekend, my doctor's office closed till Monday. Dr. Google to the rescue: it told me there should be no problem. Antibiotics are about bacteria, and vaccines are about viruses. My nurse friend Cathy had an adverse reaction to that vaccine, said she felt terrible the day after, so I'll leave Wednesday open. 

But I'm thrilled. Yes, I'd prefer the Pfizer, not because of blood clots, because it's more effective. But this one is fine. I'll be able to walk into the world feeling safer. Not a lot safer, but much more than now.

What a surprise! My son, incidentally, was afraid he'd been infected by a friend, but happily he was not.  

Otherwise, I've just been hoping to get better, to get my energy back. I'm cold all the time, checked Dr. Google - maybe I'm anemic. So it was steak for dinner tonight, and since it was a nice dinner with onions and mushrooms and new potatoes, I drank my first glass of wine in weeks. Maybe a mistake, but - life is returning. It's about time!

Friend Patsy sent this, hints from long ago to help my healing. 

I'm doing almost all of this, thanks, tho' no long journeys, no gymnastics, no gentle rocking. How human beings have not changed - amazing, no? 

And I sent this to my ex-husband; it made me think of both him and his father. He wrote back, "I scored 100%." The one that really made me laugh was "Look, horses." That's my mother. Only it'd be, "Look, Beth, look. Are you looking? Look at those horses! Aren't they marvellous! Did you look?" 


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