Friday, December 9, 2022

Ben McNally's new store, and a Canadian woman you should know about

Yesterday, rode to Ben McNally's new bookstore. His store on Bay Street was elegant and spacious, but he and his wonderful team have been wandering in the desert since before Covid. Now, finally, he's landed on Queen St. East. It's a rough section of town but a lovely tranquil space, unfinished right now but beautiful, perfectly curated, full of deliciousness. 

I was there to pick up my friend Karin Wells's new book, More Than a Footnote: Canadian women you should know. Karin was a roommate in my first apartment in 1968 and in 1970 became a professional actor at the same time. I bought her book not only because I admire her as a broadcaster and writer, but because she dedicated the book to my daughter Anna, among others. She told me she'd heard a great deal about Anna's activism and generosity and wanted to be sure she was included as one of the young "Canadian women you should know." Proud mama here.

Otherwise, discouraged. I received a contract from a magazine, and have to say, it's an appalling piece of work, asking that I sign away everything except my first-born child. As if it's not hard enough to get writing out into the world, we have to deal with greed and bullying in contracts. So — that venue may be gone.

And I'm dealing with the other, where there are issues of copyright. Sometimes I wonder why I didn't go into something solid, like dentistry.

No I don't. But still. 

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