Tuesday, January 23, 2007

beginning the blog

I am sitting here at my desk in downtown Toronto in front of the buzzing little box, contemplating this new outlet, tool, gift - the capability of opening my life and my heart to anyone on the planet who also has a buzzing little box. One of the unimaginable joys of the twenty-first century, this instant connection - a world of billions that feels like a village of buzzing boxes. I love it. Hello to you all.

I'm feeling shy now - as if I've danced onto the stage and pulled open the curtain and am startled that there's an audience there, waiting for words.

But maybe there isn't, and I can just go on talking to myself and only myself as I have in my diaries for the past forty-five years.

I guess I'll find out if you're out there or not. Buzzing.

Do I sign off? Over and out, for now.