Wednesday, March 7, 2007

"Jewish Shakespeare" events and speaking engagements

These are the 2007 dates and places so far confirmed for talks on "Finding the Jewish Shakespeare" :

May 1, Toronto: Book launch 5-7 p.m. at Nicholas Hoare Bookstore on Front St., and celebration afterwards at 308 Sackville Street. Books for sale and signing at both places.

June 7, Ottawa: The University of Ottawa.

July 6, Stratford: The Stratford Festival.

October 7, Amherst, Mass.: The National Yiddish Book Center

November 25, Vancouver, to be confirmed: The Vancouver Jewish Book Festival

Elizabeth Hurley and I in Rajasthan

Pending, pending, pending. The book is being printed as we speak, the publicist is preparing her "email blast," bound galleys have been sent to anyone who might "blurb," the book launch is planned for Toronto and speaking engagements set up for elsewhere. At this stage I am convinced that after all this build-up, the actual reading of the book will be a giant disappointment to everyone. So to counter my pre-launch anxiety and impatience I am going to do the most obvious thing: tomorrow I leave for 3 weeks in India. For several years my dear friend Chris has spent the winter there and has begged me to join him; this year, using the ton of travel points I earned from the post-fire renovation of my home - a good story - I am actually going. Our mutual best friend Bruce is also there now. Chris, Bruce and Beth, touring Rajasthan for 20 days - another good story. Just before I went to Rome two years ago, the Pope died, and I shared the city unexpectedly with four million Christian pilgrims. Now I read that Elizabeth Hurley has decided to be married, shortly, in Rajasthan. Perhaps though this news will not result in an overwhelming flood of Elizabeth Hurley fans.

I would love to hear from you. If you write I will figure out how to respond, though perhaps not for the next three weeks.