Wednesday, October 17, 2012

dwelling on the debate

Couldn't stop myself from doing a bit of trolling just now in the NYT and the Washington Post. But I need to stop this. My friend Richard is an American politics junkie, and now I can understand why.

One final note: after the debate, the candidates were left for some time in the room with the audience, the cameras still running. Obama waded right into the crowd, shaking hands, listening, and by the end, signing autographs. Romney headed straight for the phalanx of his sons, four tall white pillars of protection, clones of their father, enclosing him. What is wrong with them, I couldn't help but think, they're grown men with families and jobs, why are they always, all four, stuck together rootin' for Dad?

It's grey, cold, raining, wet leaves toppling from the trees. I'm coughing and shaky but better. And down south, there's a race again. Yes, Obama is vague on many policies and has been a disappointment in many areas. But last night, he was a man of steel and grace.


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