Monday, October 8, 2012


Eli listening to his favourite Michael Jackson mix tape. When he arrived, he was wearing a tie and bluejeans with that nice shirt, gradually discarded, as he was chewing on the tie and impatient with the jeans. He enjoyed our potatoes and carrots, mushed. His first Thanksgiving.

But my son was sick and I was feeling dreadful, and yesterday whatever it is hit me full force. It must be a flu, with aching back, legs, eyes, head and wobbly stomach. I was not hungry! I am never not hungry! Did not drink wine! So I must be really sick. Sam came over again and is here now, the two of us coughing and snorting. The House of Sick. Really gross. Poor Brucie has remained cheerful throughout, and our iPhone 5 seminars have continued.

It's a beautiful day, sun shining, brisk. All I would like to do is take a walk and kick up some fallen leaves. But methinks, not today.

Bruce the newshound says that Obama's poll numbers have dropped, and he and Romney are neck and neck. It does not seem possible. But then, I've said that before, and yet somehow, the most unthinkable things are possible.

And, from another kind of Bullshit Mountain, in the "Jerusalem Post"

Rabbi strikes against iPhone

09/14/2012 06:06

Bnei Brak rabbi holds iPhone-smashing ceremony: "A religious person who owns impure device is an abomination, disgusting."

Apple's iPhone 5

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