Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Oh my. Oh my my. Gladiators, circling in the ring with their mighty swords. OBAMA - all is forgiven. YOU ROCKED. And what joy it was to follow it on Twitter. I laughed often, whereas the debate itself was 100% unfunny. But the binder thing was the best. Romney talking about wanting women in his Mass. cabinet and being handed "a binder full of women," and instantly, two seconds later, there was a Twitter site. From Twitter tonight:
We welcome all immigrants into my binder.

It's as if the Romney from the first debate is tied up in a Scooby-Doo warehouse somewhere.

Romney: "Obamacare is by far the worst idea I ever had."
Romney's Libya comments display the patriotism of someone who keeps his money in Switzerland.
Romney: "I would work to replace the culture of violence with a culture of unshackled greed."
Better parenting will totally stop a semi-automatic weapon.
Working moms and single parents are responsible for gun violence???? Disastrous answer!!
Obama has done very little on guns. Sad. Romney would do less. Sadder.
Regulations have quadrupled? Really? Over to the fact-checkers.
AnnDRomney Well, I still have my horses.

And finally, a few minutes after: Clearest sign of an Obama victory: Fox news calling it a draw.

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