Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dinner NOW.

Today a trek across town in John's van to deliver to Anna a kid's picnic table I bought at Doubletake. It took an unbelievable amount of time. How can a city's citizens function when they spend most of their time sitting in cars on roads? Insane.

However, once we finally got there, it was so good to hold my boy. Anna told me he was furious this morning because he wanted cake for breakfast. She told him he could have it after dinner. He looked at her and said, "Dinner NOW." Another weak-minded pushover, like his momma.

Then my new class at the Y, Tuesdays at noon - Arriba, the most fun dance class. And then, more fun - a mammogram. Squish those breasts, sister!

More feedback on the garden workshop. Please forgive me while I indulge. It's good to hear all this.

I am so glad to have met Beth because she is leading me to the next place I need to go with my writing, wherever that may be. The topics help plant the seeds for stories and help my mind work its way back through my memory. Was anyone else exhausted?! I got home and every square inch of me, inside and out, was tired — but in a wonderful way. I guess opening up my mind so wide was a stretch, and tiring. 

Beth, as others have pointed out...our day was perfect. Maybe it was the combination of writers together, summer air, delicious food, and a gorgeous setting all contributing to our perfect day. For me, the feeling of safety you created for us brought our stories to the paper.

Special people, special place, special teacher, special day.

It's really muggy, my face bathed in sweat. We've been lucky till now. It's nearly 8,30 and the birds are shutting down. But I have a few more hours to go. 

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