Friday, July 11, 2014

Losing Carolyn

We're in paradise - Jessica and Geoffrey's cottage on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River - a beautiful old farmhouse full of great books with a screened-in sleeping cabin in a field and a sheltered gazebo near the river. Eli is mostly naked and his mother and grandmother occasionally too, especially when swimming in the very cold, delicious river. But the internet is intermittent and weak, so if I even manage to upload this, it'll be a miracle. And occasionally Anna and I would love a babysitter to swoop in and take over, so we can get back to reading. But very occasionally.

In the middle of this, though, I got a note from Bruce that his sister-in-law Carolyn has died. She had been ill for some time, but everyone was hoping she'd see her younger son married next week, not to mention two nephews the same month. Carolyn and I never met - she discovered my blog through Bruce and became my most faithful reader. My following in Prince George B. C. was one of the biggest, all Carolyn. I sent her my memoir when it came out, as thanks for her faithful attention, and now I feel I've lost a dear, dear friend. She was kind, loving, everything a friend and mother should be. Life is unfair. I send my deepest condolences to her family, who this month will celebrate, yes, three weddings and a funeral.

So - more anon. Blamma, Mummy and Lijie, in bliss and in mourning - over and out.


  1. How lovely -- swimming naked in a cold river. Sorry to hear about your friend though. Life is always full of light and shadow...

  2. It was a heavenly place, Theresa, and Carolyn's death a reminder to relish every moment. Seeing a little brown boy splashing his heart out - "Me smimming, Blamma!" - good for the heart.