Sunday, July 6, 2014

nice words

New reviews coming in, have to share:
From Lina, a student originally from a small Italian village:

I’m half way through your book and I just had to tell you that it’s wonderful. I have never laughed out loud when reading anything, but I did reading your book, especially when your pointed bra squished. My sister used to have a bra like that, mountain peaks, I called it. She has always been flat-chested, and still is. It seems I’m the who inherited breasts ;-).

I can’t relate to your love for Paul, with me it was Bobby Sherman from Here Come the Brides TV show. I had his picture taped above my bed instead of a crucifix, to my mother’s disappointment. 

And this from a friend who's a university professor:

I wanted to tell you weeks ago that I read your book the day after your launch— from cover to cover— and thought it was terrific. Great writing, a really good story and lots of lines that made me laugh.  Also a long-forgotten sensory memory— the prickling of those damn hair rollers.  Loved the passage about the pain au chocolat—and in general the way you recover the power of that adolescent imagination.  

And this from the man who reviewed "Finding the Jewish Shakespeare" on, and whom I wrote to thank:

Your wonderful book on Gordin touched many parts of my soul: composer, music editor, writer, theater person, cultural historian and Jew. It is a major contribution to theatre history, and was a joy to read. 

So - only one thing to say on this tranquil Sunday: onward. The writing book is on its way, and it's time to start the next. But not today. Today I cleaned up my office. And I'm going to read and cook. That's a start. 

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