Monday, March 9, 2015

a couple of rains

Almost warm out - Toronto at its most hideous, with piles of filthy snow. On the walk I took with Anna and Eli, she said, "If I were a dictator, I would ban dogs." And she likes dogs. But you know what she's talking about. Enough said.

Mr. Eli's hair is long, and he was thrilled with his pre-haircut 'do. Also his toenails, painted all different colours, each of which he pointed out to me.
As we walked, he admired all the water running into the "dwains," and wondered if it might rain to produce more water. I said I didn't think so, it was such a nice day. He pondered for a minute. "Maybe just a couple of rains," he said. "Then we'd need our brellas."

I took notes. The Chronicles of Eli have begun.

When I got home, Anna had already sent a suggestion via FB that we make ourselves vests like these on our next craft day. I heartily concur. Now that's what I call a fashion statement.

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