Saturday, October 31, 2015

playing dress up

Unbelievable, the excitement of Halloween. Earlier tonight, I went past Church Street, where all the straight people go in costume to be able to let loose and have a good time - thank you, gay people, for releasing us from ourselves, at least for a night. I saw Long John Silver hand in hand with the Pope, I saw the Joker with Little Red Riding Hood, and I saw many tourists with cameras, come to take in the fun.

Surely Cabbagetown must be one of the most crowded Halloweens on the continent - which is why, exhausted after two decades, I don't give out candy any more. This night was one of the worst as a single mother - getting two kids made up and in costume and filled with at least a little bit of protein before they went out the door safely accompanied by friends or someone, while I manned the door for hundreds of other people's children. I did not enjoy it, though seeing the immigrant children with wonder on their faces was always wonderful. Anyone who has been in the theatre does not appreciate the pleasure of dressing up as someone else - that was how I made a living. So this fest is a bit of a bust for me.

But not for my neighbours. Richard had 700 little candy bars and was nearly out by 7.20.
Susan across the street at the helm of her pirate ship, above, and below, Rob with an entire graveyard behind him and a bottle of Cab Sauv for the grown ups.
And then there's the aftermath - sugar high. Good luck, mama!

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