Tuesday, April 19, 2016

going to meet my Macca

 The huge communal garden at Davie and Burrard, already in full swing. It'll be another month before we in Ontario can even begin~
A profusion of clematis, in mid-April. Incredible. But what I'm really in love with are the azalea and rhodo trees. Yes, thick trees of these exotic flowers; chez nous, we're lucky if a little bush survives.

I walked to the Y, more for a long shower and sauna than a workout, and then back down Robson Street, window-shopping.

Today is my Aunt Do's 96th birthday. An inspiration to us all - living alone, in full possession of her faculties, still winning, sometimes, at Scrabble. Long may she reign. And may I have those genes, please.

Soon, Macca. Who has pretty great genes himself.

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