Sunday, April 10, 2016

spring in Canada

Just back from Jane Ellison's dance/stretch/movement class at the Western Front - she's a master, I feel stretched in all directions, my muscles ache a bit. What's different about her class is that after the stretching and flexibility stuff, she puts on fantastic music and everyone just dances around the room. My idea of joy. And then a cool down, more stretches and flexibility and breathing. It hurts so good.

One thing about Vancouver I need to note: everyone here has a dog, including nearly all the street people, and yet there is very little dog crap left on the streets. People PICK UP. Are you listening, Toronto?

And the transit here is a marvel. My Compass card can be refilled at the Skytrain or online and takes me from bus to bus to train. The bus drivers all seem to be cheerful, and when street people get on and do not pay, no one blinks an eye. Unlike Toronto's chaotic ticket system and often surly drivers who sometimes fight with people who obviously do not have a dime and are denied transit. They've fixed problems here. Why can't we? ARE YOU LISTENING TORONTO?

Yesterday, hot. Today, not so much, and tomorrow, possibly rain. As the cartoon says:

Today is a Monday kind of day - not sure, layers. So, looking at those clouds, it's a good day to stay home and rest my weary bones and do some work. I've been working, don't get me wrong, but today will be focussed. I'm in Bruce's aerie, there are a million boats in the harbour, and here goes. Attempting to follow this, which puts this principle so well, I'm going to steal it for my classes:

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