Saturday, December 31, 2016

Loss and gain

Besides the obvious losses, Leonard Cohen, Bowie, Prince et al, there were many vital Canadians we lost this year, all but Ursula artists - and Ursula, scientist and peace activist, was an artist in her own way:
Jerry Franken
Ursula Franklin
Ellen Seligman
Mel Hurtig
Janet Wright
Austin Clarke
Iris Turcott
Dave Broadfoot

And other artists lost:
Dario Fo
George Martin
Bill Cunningham
Harper Lee
Fyvush Finkel
Edward Albee
Elie Wiesel

the beautiful Alan Rickman.

Thank you, thank you for what you gave to us all. And let's pray for those of us still breathing and moving on into the world of Presidents Trump and Putin.

P.S. Just did a loose calculation, based on the titles of this blog: in 2016, I saw at least 15 plays, 12 films and 6 documentaries, including two by friends, and went to hear five writers speak and one global superstar sing - Macca. Not to mention the superb TV shows I watched (Downton! The Crown! Sherlock!) and books and articles I read. WHAT A RICH RICH LIFE. Thank you again to artists, for so enriching our troubled, bewildered and bewildering world.

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