Thursday, December 22, 2016

my new Knotten

I'm standing as I write this - standing at my Christmas present to myself, Ikea's Knotten stand-up desk. My young friend Cole just came over to assemble it. I've tried to create this sort of desk for myself - put boxes on top of a regular desk. Just not the same. This is so nifty and just the right size. I complain a lot about how much I sit at the computer. Now I can complain about how much I stand.
Before. How I love that wall of glass, which in winter shows me just where I am not - shivering in the dark.
Now - a Knotten right by the back door, in the light, with a yellow hibiscus right next door.

My other young assistant came today too - Grace, who helps me with social media. We wrestled with Google analytics, which has been invaded by Russian hackers, and with my iPhone, which receives incoming emails and dumps them in the trash. That took two hours, with very little resolution in either case. But it's always nice to see Grace.

And now my friend Norrey is coming for tea. So that's the day.

I will have to stand properly and wear good shoes.

Facebook just produced this: eight years ago today, visiting my mother in Ottawa. Now she is no more, I'm grey, Anna's the mother of two, and Sam is just the same. Maybe a titch less perky. Aren't we all?

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