Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Phantom Thread, 3 Billboards, Unforgotten

Yesterday, what a blessing – the sun came out. In the morning, it was as usual dark and raining, and then – thank you God for the surprise of light and warmth! Chris hightailed to Drumbeg Park with Sheba; I couldn’t go because I was waiting for a committee Skype call about the conference. So later, I went for my forest bathing walk on the nearby trails. In more than an hour of walking, this time, I met not one soul.

How do all those very tall skinny trees stay up? And see - steps of bright moss on the path. 

While I was out, my friend baked an apple pie. Is there nothing he can’t do? It was sublime.
Last night, we watched Phantom Thread, which haunted us both – we discussed it at length at lunch today at the Kitchen restaurant, where we went to get out of the house during another dark, rainy day. I saw it partly as a quirky meditation on power, the power of men over women and of women over men. How a strong woman plots to get her man to change – in this instance, by nearly killing him – and it works! Talk about quirky. Superb sets, costumes of course, and performances – Daniel Day Lewis never better, restrained, utterly convincing, as was Leslie Manville, the great actress who played his hovering, repressed sister. A much more interesting film than expected.

On Monday, there wasn’t much sun but it wasn’t raining, so we went to Drumbeg together, and while there, the mountains revealed themselves for the first time, not hidden by clouds.

And then a sea lion charged through the water. That morning, I went for my first bike ride into the village – about half an hour, lots of uphill, not an easy ride but great to have some autonomy. I went to Colleen’s, a wonderful shop with shoes, Irish clothing, tons of cookware and linens. And then rode back. I thought I’d go insane stuck here for 3 weeks without a car, nowhere to go by foot except the trails, the bike mostly unusable because of rain. But no problem – I am very happy here in the studio, “the office,” as I call it – “I’m going to the office,” I say to Chris as I set off across his yard with my computer, notebooks, water – working on the memoir. I’d thought I’d be doing new work, but instead I am honing, polishing, cutting the memoir, work I should have done months ago before I sent it out. I’ve cut 1800 words so far, though I’ve also added a few where I thought more explanation was needed. Hope I’m making it better and not just fiddling. But I think I am and it is.

CLo and I also watched 3 Billboards, which was not a huge hit with either of us. Just plain weird, much of it unpleasant for no real purpose that I could see, and far too much that made no sense at all. I don’t regret seeing it, it wasn’t dull, but not a success. We also watched “Unforgotten,” a new Masterpiece Mystery on PBS, normally something I wouldn’t watch, but my, so good, those Brits sure know how to hook you. Can’t wait for Sunday when the next episode airs.

So, thus unroll our days – he gets up early, I get up late, he sits at his computer, I go to the office, lunch usually together, then an outing and/or more work, then supper together, then TV. By then the early riser is ready for bed and I read and tap some more; there’s no internet access in the office, so I need to get it all done in the house – many emails about the upcoming conference, the upcoming renovation, my three upcoming courses, family, house, renting the basement apartment… My city life will hit me full force when I’m back, in ten days.

So  - now back to the office to work, and then a bit of piano practice, and then, be still my beating heart, a slice of apple pie. It’s dark and cold and raining, and even so, I’m in heaven.

And here's this, that Chris just sent me, so, so true: 

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