Wednesday, April 18, 2018

sun and sea

Left the hotel at noon and spent the day as a flâneuse - walking walking walking. Took the ferry to Granville Island, walked all around the Island, poking into shops, lunch - then the ferry to the Maritime Museum side to sit on the beach, walk up to 4th Avenue and flâner some more - bought a plastic holder for half an avocado, what a useful thing, at Ming Wo, a great cookware shop, and since I had time to kill, a bathing suit. ("I used to have a waistline, I assure you," I said, wincing, to the saleswoman who was checking for fit.) Had a wonderful Italian dinner with Judy McFarlane, fellow writer and now Acting President of the Creative Nonfiction Collective, and her husband Jim, great new friends. And then the little ferry back. There was a wind but the sun shone all day. Heaven.  
 Lunch outside on Granville Island, one of my fave places on earth
 The ugly city in the sun
 Sitting on the beach
My bus home.


  1. Beth! Belatedly, many thanks for recommending Spettacolo. I finally watched it and loved it -- found it touching & sad & so very accurate about the passage of time. Anyhow, I had heard about it and then your recommendation stuck with me. Your trip to BC sounds fantastic! Toronto will greet you with sunshine and -- fingers crossed -- spring! (looks like it's back! finally!)

  2. Julia, so glad you liked the film - how I love documentaries like that, taking us into the heart of a distant community. Yes, despite the rain, I've had a wonderful trip out west. But as always, can't wait to get HOME.