Saturday, April 21, 2018

the last temptation

At the airport, dying to be outside - it dawned of course a heavenly day, hot and sunny. The city, giving me the finger - diss me, will you, you Toronto nudnik? Let me SHOW you what I can do. And she fans her magnificent feathers. There was a brief sun shower and then a rainbow against the mountains.

Brucie and I took a walk on the seawall and through the park. Made me want to cancel my return ticket.


Smog, cold, slush, complete lack of mountains, deer, otters, HOME, here I come.


  1. Weather is such a capricious entity! Lovely here this afternoon, with big bees in the gooseberry bushes, the daffodils clear and beautiful, some unexpected Algerian iris in bloom. But home is where it is and you have a good one!

  2. Theresa, here I am - my palace, with snow outside still - snow! - but apparently shoots are starting to come up, I'll get to see tomorrow. It's always so good to go away so that you're glad to come home, see it all with new eyes.